Femifresh Diva

Femifresh Diva


Sanitary napkins are one of the major products which are responsible for women hygiene. We at Femifresh try our level best to produce the best product every time. In this pursue, we have come up with Femifresh Diva sanitary pads which are perfect choice for today's women. They are equipped with ADL acquisition & distribution layer for faster absorption. The gel technology helps in more absorption during heavy flow days.

Products features

Hygiene is a major issue during those five days. At Femifresh we completely understand the needs of woman and have designed Femifresh Diva which is ideal for every situation. It is UV Treated for Anti-Bacteria and hence provides complete safety. A major factor during periods is cleanliness. You should feel clean to remain active the whole day. Femifresh Diva menstrual pads have a perforated top sheet that keeps you dry, clean and smooth. You can work as you do on other days of the month without any discomfort.

Product Range

Disposal of sanitary napkins is a big issue. But our bio Degradable fluff pulp which is used for more absorption makes the napkins easy to dispose. They are eco-friendly and does not cause any harm to the environment. Our mission is to provide high quality and affordable woman care products. Our SAP technology for fast and high absorption prevents moisture and keep surface dry. You can feel fresh throughout the day. With Femifresh Diva period pads there is no one stopping you. You can step towards your goal in a healthy and confident manner.

Product advantages

A good night's sleep is the key to a happy morning. With Femifresh Diva sanitary pads with wings, you experience no side staining as wings provide extra protection and warp the pad securely around the panty. You get up fresh and perform well the whole day. Time is gone when women were home bound during menses. Now you can go and attain your dreams with full energy and enthusiasm. The breathable bottom layer of the pads avoid moisture and heat, keeps you fresh. Some women face odour problem during periods. Femifresh Diva comes with a fresh fragrance that helps prevent the foul odour and keep you feeling fresh.

You need not also worry about the pad getting displace as the specially designed silicon release paper help fix the pad easily and firmly. They are individually wrapped for better hygiene. One important thing about our products is that they are highly affordable.