Femifresh Cozy Ultra

Femifresh Cozy Ultra


With Femifresh Cozy Ultra we are introducing ADL acquisition and distribution layer for faster absorption. During heavy days, this technology lets the pad absorb the flow faster and avoid staining. The gel technology embedded in Cozy Ultra sanitary pads allows for more absorption and thus keeps you clean and dry whole day long. These menstrual pads are best suited for heavy period days and provide all round protection. With Femifresh Cozy Ultra you can confidently get to your work without any hassle or worry.

Products features

Those five days are very crucial for every woman. Serious health issues may arrive if proper care and hygiene is not maintained. Keeping this in mind we have designed Femifresh Cozy Ultra period pads such that they UV Treated for Anti-Bacteria. They curb the growth of any sort of harmful bacterial and give you clean and healthy periods. The perforated top sheet keeps you dry, clean and smooth. Success is all about being confident and nothing including periods can stop you from achieving what you deserve. With clean and dry top sheet you can continue your work as other days of the month and still be confident. Additional SAP sheet is there for fast and high absorption, prevent moisture and keep surface dry.

Product Range

A good night's sleep is highly essential for a fresh start. The high quality air laid paper in Femifresh Cozy Ultra gives you more freshness and softness even at night. You may sleep in whatever position you feel comfortable and forget about staining. Also you will have no side staining as wings provide extra protection and warp the pad securely around the panty. The breathable bottom layer to avoid moisture and heat keeps you fresh. . Our products are designed so that women feel confident throughout the month and keep going without any obstacle.

Product advantages

Women usually worry about the bad odour during periods. But Femifresh Cozy menstrual pads are designed such that it always have fresh fragrance that helps prevent the foul odour and keep you feeling fresh. Now you don't have to worry about moving pads. No need to go to the wash room frequently to check. The specially designed silicon release paper helps you to fix the pad easily and firmly. They offer a perfect fit and stay at their place for the complete duration. Each pad is individually wrapped for better hygiene. You can find Femifresh Cozy Ultra sanitary pads online as well as in stores.