Femifresh Cozy

Femifresh Cozy


In our desire to offer the best product every time, we have introduced Femifresh Cozy. With this we are introducing ADL acquisition & distribution layer for faster absorption. This layer provides more coverage during heavy days and lets you feel clean and fresh. You also don't have to worry about changing your sanitary pads frequently because Femifresh cozy is built with gel Technology for more absorption.

Products features

All over the world, especially in India, many women are suffering from diseases occurring from bad hygiene. Keeping this in mind we have designed Femifresh Cozy menstrual pads which are UV Treated for Anti-Bacteria. Now forget that wet feeling during periods throughout the day with our best quality pads. Every day of the month is same with our period pads as their perforated top sheet keeps you clean and smooth.

Product Range

We are always inclined towards manufacturing eco-friendly products. Femifresh cozy is designed with Bio Degradable fluff pulp which not only makes them best organic sanitary pads but also offer more absorption power. In today's world, women are exceling in every field of life. Then why do periods become a hurdle? Our new ranges of feminine pads are designed with SAP for fast and high absorption which prevent moisture and keep surface dry. Dryness not only provides comfort but also makes you keep going throughout the day with confidence.

Product advantages

A good night's sleep keeps you fresh for the whole day. With Femifesh Cozy sanitary napkins, you can sleep without the fear of staining due to its long and wide design. Side staining is a problem for many women during heavy days or while travelling. For this our pads designed with wings provide extra protection and the pad can be wrapped securely around he panty. They also have a breathable bottom layer to avoid moisture and heat, keeps you fresh.

With Femifresh Cozy, you need not worry about bad odor and they have fresh fragrance that helps prevent the foul odor and keep you feeling refreshed all day long. No more moving pads as the specially designed silicon release paper help you fix the pad easily and firmly. Each pad is individually wrapped in the packet for better hygiene. These pads are good for you, for the community as well as the environment. The material to make them is chosen very carefully so that no harm is made to your sensitive skin and you feel great the whole day.