Femifresh Classic

Femifresh Classic


Femifresh Classic is our one of the best products. Forget the tension of periods and live your life like never before. They are designed with ADL acquisition distribution layer for faster absorption. The gel technology is there for more absorption. They are best suitable for low to medium flow days. Their perforated top sheet keeps you dry, clean and smooth. If you are wet at the surface, you will feel uncomfortable the whole day. Today's woman is active and can't stop with periods. With Femifresh Classic there is no one stopping. You can be comfortable the whole day and feel like other days of the month. The smooth cover makes you feel comfortable for long hours.

Products features

Use of unhealthy methods during periods claims thousands of lives every year. It is highly essential that the menstrual pads are safe and hygienic. Femifresh Classic sanitary pads are UV Treated for Anti-Bacteria. They provide complete protection from bacterial growth during periods and keeps you clean and healthy. These pads are completely safe for the environment. They have bio Degradable fluff pulp for more absorption. Along with providing better product every time, we also care about the environment. Our products are eco-friendly and we manufacture organic sanitary pads. They are bio degradable and do not cause any harm to the environment.

Product Range

SAP technology allows for fast and high absorption, prevent moisture and keep surface dry. This also lets you take a good night sleep which is highly essential for a healthy body as well as mind. Femifresh classic sanitary napkins prevent all kinds of leakage in whatever position you sleep. Now you can forget worrying about staining and just be you. It's time to show the world that women are no less than men in any field and can walk neck to neck with them. The breathable bottom layer avoid moisture and heat, keeps you fresh. It has a fresh fragrance that helps prevent the foul odour and keep you feeling fresh. They absorb the smell during periods and a light fragrance tells you that they are doing their work. The specially designed silicon release paper help you fix the pads easily. As the pad is fix you do not have to go to wash room again and again and check or change frequently. These period pads are one of the best and offer all round protection. Femifresh Classic sanitary pads are available online as well as in stores.