About Us

Femifresh is a producer of comfortable and hygiene products for female. Susheel Yarns Pvt. Ltd. is of the view that empowering women is empowering nation. Keeping this in mind they came out with this brand ‘Femifresh’ which comprises of sanitary napkins and women personal care hygiene products. Susheel Yarns Pvt. Ltd. is basically a textile and yarn manufacturing company based in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India establish in 1977. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and an associate member of Mewar Chamber of Commerce & Industries, The Synthetic and Rayon Textile Export Promotion Council and The Cotton Textile Export Promotion Council.

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    Our Vision

    We believe that we should respect women because they are the real architect of the society. Our vision is to help women all around the world lead a healthy life. We want to empower women so that they live with confidence and give the society a better tomorrow. Women are the foundation stones for any society. Through our wide range of products we wish to provide a clean and healthy environment for women where they can bloom and do wonders.

    Our journey started with the textile industry and now we are in a field where there is so much to do for the society especially women. In our commitment towards society, we have a team of professionals who are dedicated towards the betterment of the product and company as a whole. They are highly qualified and experienced and are experts in their fields. They are working for the company since years and with this team we are sure to reach new heights.

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    Our Mission

    After creating a big name in the field of textile, our mission is now to create ‘Femifresh’ a successful brand not only in India but also overseas. There are Whisper pads, Stayfree pads and now Femifresh pads. We are always of the view that a nation can only progress if the women are strong and confident. It is our aim that through Femifresh we help women maintain their personal hygiene and give their hundred per cent in every field. Our aim is to provide them with a healthy environment where they can act and feel as per their choice and fulfil their dreams without any hurdle.

    We have set long term goals for the company in order to shape a better and a healthier world. Our business has some core values which are driving force towards working legally and honestly towards achieving our goals. We have designed our range of products after years of research. Our experts have in-depth understanding of every detail about sanitary napkins, reusable pads, organic sanitary pads, cotton pads for periods and so on. Each and every product is unique and gives complete care.

    Our major aim is to create a feeling of trust among our customers and maintain long term relationship with them. We have gained knowledge from throughout the world to come up with new ideas and innovations to improvise our product. It’s our policy to keep observing and revising ourselves to give the customers better products every time.